ParkwayHills Baptist Church, Plano Texas    

The mission of ParkwayHills is to

present Jesus Christ as Savior and
to pursue Jesus Christ as Lord.

ParkwayHills LIFEgroups

LIFEgroups (small groups) are an integral part of the community at ParkwayHills.  ParkwayHills wants every person to experience LIFEchange in Jesus Christ.  This occurs by connecting in community with other believers, growing spiritually in a daily, accountable walk with Christ, and intentionally investing their lives in others.

Specifically, LIFEgroups provide the means for meeting that purpose within the context of a smaller group.  LIFEgroups allow members to build relationships and a sense of community that enables and encourages LIFEchange.

LIFEgroups exist to build an ever-growing community of believers and seekers engaging in LIFEchanging truth, relationships, growth, and influence. In other words, our groups exist for us to grow together.

See our LIFEgroups by clicking on your interest in a LIFEgroup (below).

Preschool LIFEgroups

Childrens LIFEgroups

Student LIFEgroups

Adult LIFEgroups


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