ParkwayHills Baptist Church, Plano Texas    

The mission of ParkwayHills is to

present Jesus Christ as Savior and
to pursue Jesus Christ as Lord.


"Since you excel in so many ways - you have so much faith, such enthusiasm, and such love for us - now I want you to excel also in this gracious ministry of giving."
2 Corinthians 8:7 (NLT)

Love Offering for Pastor Sam and family (May 2017)

We recognize that many of you will want to express your love for and appreciation of Pastor Sam and Belinda.  Please feel free to write them cards and letters to do so.  They will indeed treasure these!

If you would like to show them appreciation through a gift, you may do so at any time.  If given directly to them, your gift, whether an item or a financial one, will not be tax deductible.

If you’d prefer to receive a tax deduction, please make your donation to the church noting that it is a love offering to Pastor Sam.*

* ParkwayHills will have full control of the donated funds, and discretion as to their use, so as to insure they will be used to carry out is function and purposes.

Your financial gifts to the church may be given in cash, by check, with stock, online, or via a mobile app. If you give online, you can save the church $2.50 for every $100 given if you request the payment through your bank.

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